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With over 30 years in the food service industry, we’ve built amazing relationships, expertise, and tips and tricks - and we want to share that with you.

We’re uncovering the secrets of our specialised services with some of our key customers, celebrating the tried-and-true techniques of some of the greatest chefs in the industry, and shedding some light on the up-and-coming creative talent we’re lucky to work with.

October is Mental Health Month

Community Options Australia supports mental health awareness in our communities. While there may be no single way of making people mentally healthier, a large part of good mental health relies on community support, the ability to provide time to listen and social connectedness. These are hallmarks of COA’s philosophy. By raising awareness of mental health,…
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Carers Week 13-19th October

Community Options Australia recognises and acknowledges the incredible support carers provide to their loved ones. So much of the responsibilities and investment of time fall on the shoulders of family and relatives so that without this support, many people would not be able to cope or manage day-to-day. Carers are pivotal in the lives of…
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Message from the CEO

Many people with mental illnesses are ending up homeless or in prison as community services are not there to support them. Families and carers continue to provide an overwhelming majority of support for people with mental illnesses. They are overburdened. Community Options Australia is dedicated to supporting coordinated and integrated community-based services that support people…
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