Out of Hospital Care

Delivering services closer to home


Community Options Australia co-ordinates several programs to deliver healthcare services closer to home. Offering post-discharge, community-based services, through our provider network assists in that transition from hospital services to home care.

It is this transition of care that can be crucial for people who are vulnerable after a hospital stay and require additional assistance at home to support their recovery and reablement.

Delivering Services Closer to Home

Coordinated Community Care

The right care, at the right time

At Community Options Australia, we understand that everyone is different. That's why we facilitate coordinated community care, a deliberate and person-centred solution to patient care activities between our provider network.

We provide those in need with the best possible support to manage their own health and wellbeing outcomes through connecting them with a dedicated network of providers.


Wellbeing in Aged Care

Leading the way in Australia


Community Options Australia's Wellbeing in Aged Care Programs are designed to help residents feel engaged with their own recovery.

With our friendly, person-centred approach, we provide evidence based care through our experienced network of qualified clinicians that is tailored to each individual resident.

Let us help you or your loved one experience life to the fullest.


Assessment Services

Helping make life easier


Community Options Australia's skilled assessors help individuals and carers get the most out of life, by insuring that services respond to their needs and support them in living independently in their community.

Whether you're looking for help or needing help getting back on your feet after an illness, or need assistance caring for a loved one, our team will work with you to find the best possible solution.