16 July 2019

Collaborative pathway to innovation

In Australia, a range of options exist to meet the different care needs of each individual however, the preference for an increasing number of older Australians is to remain in their own homes.
With ongoing reforms in quality and safety of care delivery, higher levels of compliance and governance, a focus on consumer driven service models and evidence supported outcomes the community sector is looking for innovation to remain relevant and competitive.
Community Options Australia advocates coordinated community care as key to assisting the growing social, health and welfare needs of all Australians.
As evidence builds that supporting people in the community can significantly provide better results for individuals, the sector is striving to meet the challenge of coordinating that care in innovative ways.
CEO of Community Options Australia, Mr Bill Campos remains committed to advocating for and supporting innovative, evidence-based initiatives that deliver better care in the community.
“Collaborating with key services in various sectors and sharing information that is appropriate, measured, effective and supports better outcomes within the community care sector is essential to our future business models, “said Mr Campos.
Community Options Australia will continue its efforts to support the sector develop responses that meet the expectations of a growing number of older Australians and lobby Government to respond with flexible person-centred funding models.

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