02 July 2020

CEO Message

With recent events in Victoria, and the Tennis tournament in Croatia has highlighted how it may be a little too early to become optimistic about overcoming COVID. At a time when most of us are keen to return to routine and normal way of life… we need to be patient and cautious as to how we make this journey.

It is important for the COA network to continue to take critical steps to manage the safety of our clients, staff and the people around us… with the changing environment and the possibility of a second wave of COVID, we need to continue to take precautionary measures. The programs COA oversees are important services in this COVID and post COVID environment.

During the past few months, COA has been able to reflect on how we support our clients, staff, and our network into the future. It is timely that COA is launching our 2020 – 2025 strategic plan, which will leverage off the experiences and lessons learnt from recent events to strengthen our ability to serve the communities and coordinate care.

AS a result, COA is investing in resources and staff to create more structured and quality engagement with our network, sector and importantly, our clients. A key process in COA’s strategy will be to develop a client and carer committee to inform and codesign services to be more effective and outcomes focussed.

We are also developing research capability within our network to enhance community care coordination with the ability to guide best practice. This includes a partnership with key academics as well as peak bodies.

We hope that all our stakeholders will begin to see the changes in COA, which will drive innovation in the sectors to enhance the quality outcome for the clients. With the advent of utilising technology, COA as a network will continue to provide flexibility and advance quality, coordinated community care.

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