07 August 2020

Further investment in technology upgrades

Our Contact Centre personnel have outstanding service to our stakeholder community as their critical objective. To that end, they enthusiastically engaged in the process, in January 2020, to review the matrix of people, process, and technology opportunities to deliver enhanced service excellence. We are excited to announce that implementation of the recommendations for Phase 1 of the Roadmap occurred over the past 3 weeks.

While the initial review identified our solid base of service with an engaged and skilled workforce, it also highlighted opportunities for improvement. Our team has undergone additional skills-based training directed by the outcomes of the review to optimise the use and capabilities delivered with the introduction of a new telephony system and service provider.

We thank our stakeholder community particularly during the transition phase. Now the technology has been deployed we welcome the next stages on our roadmap. We can leverage the improved foundations provided, which will lead to significantly enhanced customer experiences and performance for COA.

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