23 October 2019

Message from the CEO

Dear Colleagues,

We have received the first stage for Community Options Australia’s Strategic Plan report, which includes the consultation with our key stakeholders, staff and our referring agents. I can state that this has been a productive process and very informative with the feedback being honest and positive. Importantly this feedback has provided COA with a platform to comprehensively review the first 12 months of our new business model, which was implemented on 1 July 2018.

COA is aware there are adjustments to be made, so the workflow and alignment of services are better coordinated and delivered. The feedback has meant we will revisit some of the operational processes with the aims to reduce complexity, double handling and provide more consistent care to the clients ultimately.

Our proposal is twofold.

The first will be to further consult and engage with key staff from each organisation to provide feedback on the operational design. We are open to making appropriate changes in the context of the feedback we receive, and this includes referring agents, IT platforms, service providers and importantly client’s needs.

Then, once we have identified the appropriate changes, we will invest in making our business model more efficient and relevant to the collaborative work of our service providers across the network. We also anticipate there will be an educational and promotional exercise that provides information pertinent to all stakeholders to deliver consistency and uniformity across our network.

I am confident this process is both timely and worthwhile.


Bill Campos

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