12 December 2019

Message from the CEO

With the end of the year fast approaching much of our attention can be focussed on the day to day life routine. However, with the recent state of emergency, bushfires and extreme weather, it prompts us to reflect on the bigger picture and what is important to us.

I want to shine a light on the way the multiple organisations (COA network) are responding during the bushfires which are affecting much of NSW.

I cannot be prouder in the way our staff are liaising with Local Health District staff and our network providers to actively follow up clients in areas affected by the fires. Multiple agencies collaborating to identify, contact and follow up ALL vulnerable and remote clients in these regions, and make a concerted effort to identify their whereabouts, directing them to the nearest refuge areas.

In some places, scheduled services could not be delivered due to closed roads and exclusion zones. However, the staff are persevering to contact clients and assist with rescheduling or making alternative arrangements.

These are times where we need to reflect on how well the collaboration and the goodwill to help people override the routine day to day focus. Importantly this highlights our working relationships as critical to supporting the greater wellbeing of the clients we support.

I wanted to say a huge thank you to our team, the LHD’s staff and our network providers for working collaboratively and prioritising what needs to be done in the interest of the clients, carers and staff during difficult times.

Well done all.

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