05 March 2020

Message from the CEO.

Change is the new constant. With the community sector/s undergoing significant changes (and anticipating more changes), will bring several challenges to how organisations adapt to this environment and meet the required outcomes.

COA has a network of 34 organisations, and the pace of change is also another factor that requires constant monitoring and management. The challenges for many organisations are to stay tuned to the needs of the clients and continually adapt, monitor and refine the operational processes with delivering the services.

The key to managing this new complex environment is to communicate frequently, openly and to enhance working relationships between client and staff, staff and organisations, organisations and network, such as COA’s

In these changing times, there has never been a more pressing need to have the support of the collective to absorb some of the challenges in the sectors. Technology, staff retention and training, monitoring and reporting, delivery of quality outcomes, and keeping up to date with best practice is something that all organisations face.

Our commitment is that COA will continue to develop the working relationship with our network and believe that as a collective, we can be stronger. COA will continue to look at opportunities to support and strengthen the network and will maintain clear communication and direction.

This will be the focus of COA in 2020, with a new initiative to develop the guide to best practice, the formation of a network alliance and clear alignment between various organisations to remain autonomous but to add value to the collective.  More to follow.

For now, thank you for your ongoing collaboration and support of COA and my team in this journey.

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