23 August 2019

Message from the CEO

It has now been six months since I commenced with Community Options Australia, and it is time to reflect and provide a report card.

I have met with almost all stakeholders in our network. It has been extremely valuable, including getting a sense of the mood from the sector with the number of changes and reforms currently underway.

During these six months, COA has realigned our organisation to assist the network in supporting and advocating for quality community care.

So, what have we achieved?

  1. We continue to invest in our working relationship with all providers, including meeting in person with over 30 organisations.
  2. We have refreshed our communication strategy. Including a new webpage and realignment of our communication with frequent and consistent information across channels.
  3. We have recruited new staff. Enhancing COA’s ability to meet the challenges and anticipated changes from the sector reforms with a wider range of skills sets, including clinical qualifications and sector management experience.
  4. COA is also broadening the network to include organisations and services across the country, and we are now delivering services in WA.
  5. COA has collaborated with the network to develop a strategic partnership in anticipated future tender opportunities.
  6. COA will establish a strategic plan for 2020 to 2025, with a focus on innovation, engagement and enhancing the sector to deliver quality and coordinated care.

In summary, there are several initiatives underway, and the journey has only just begun.

I have been humbled with the goodwill in our network who are doing extremely good work. There is a real sense of pride within most organisations, and staff show a common-sense approach to caring for people in the community.

I am also privileged to work with dedicated and committed staff who continually go above and beyond, supported by a Board of Directors who are keen to support innovation and best practice. This is a great recipe for COA to support the network and drive innovation in the future….so I invite you to watch this space, there is more to come…..


William (Bill) Campos

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