25 March 2020

Compacks/ SaSH and RAS Services

COA recognises that we, as a network, are expected to provide care for clients with suspected Coronavirus/COVID-19, or those who are at a high-risk for contracting it. Our network continues to do an outstanding job meeting the emerging needs of clients and their communities, sometimes in less than ideal situations.

Like many, we have deployed our Emergency Response Plan, which primarily focusses on:

• Protecting the health of our employees, clients and those in our network
• Enabling a remote workforce that facilitates business continuity
• Providing timely support to clients, network and other stakeholders
• Sustaining services and communication through online platforms where possible

The following information is compiled to help in decision making related to service delivery and personal safety for our network. It will be updated as the recommendations related to COVID-19 evolve. Firstly, there are significant and varied sources of misinformation about COVID-19 so please ensure you are getting your information from reliable sources.

COA recommends the following sites:

Guidance for community-based and outpatient health services on the NSW Ministry of Health COVID-19 website: https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/Infectious/diseases/Pages/covid-19-community-outpatient.aspx

Australian Government Department of Health:

NSW Health:

The Department of Health has released the first module in a new eLearning program explicitly aimed for Aged Care workers:

Safework NSW:

COA has released a communication to the network regarding commonly asked questions, and this is on our webpage: https://communityoptions.net.au/about-us/coronavirus-covid-19/

And COA News items:

As part of our Emergency Response Plan, we will direct all communications to your organisation through the nominated contact point. Please ensure you distribute this information as necessary and relevant within your organisation. In times of uncertainty, it is critical to plan and be adaptable to change. Feel free to contact our team on 1300 136 606 during these times:

RAS Team Leader

Teresa Lynch: teresa@communityoptions.net.au


Jaime Sims: jaime@communityoptions.net.au

Salome (Toli) Menjivar-Gonzalez: salome@communityoptions.net.au

Executive Administration & Marketing

Deborah Giblett: deborah@communityoptions.net.au


Community Options Australia
William (Bill) Campos
Chief Executive Officer

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